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60 años jugando
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Everything you see here began with the blow of a hammer.

It’s not the way stories usually begin, but here we like to do things a bit differently.

That’s why we began to work in 1954 and after some years making pieces for others to sell their own games we jumped right in, and created our first toy, a hammer. Then game an axe and a rubber knife. Yes, yes, we were born warriors, what are you going to do? And since then we haven’t stopped making traditional toys and games.

Over 60 years have passed by so quickly, much like the summary of our story above. Why? Well when you feel at home you enjoy what you do, you have fun. Much like when you played outside with your friends as a child and your mum would call you in for dinner and you’d realise you’d been playing all afternoon and it had now turned dark.

And that is what we have done for all this time; play with toys, and in the best possible manner, with family. We are now the third generation dedicated to this craft (it is not just a business) of traditional games, sounding the last echo of the first strike of the hammer wielded by Francisco Carrió. Can you hear it?

Juguetes Cayro a lo largo de la historia
Vivir jugando
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At Cayro we understand those who have never stopped playing.

We relate to those people who played as children, they liked it and decided to never stop and continue to play to this day. Because life is short and its a game.

Playing doesn’t always mean sitting on the floor and throwing dice. Playing is an attitude to life, a way to take our existence and effort and put on a brave face whatever the weather.

To play is to make your work fun, to devote yourself to something that will allow you to remain curious, keep discovering, keep trying new things. To play is not to get bored. And life can be many things, but it must never be boring.

This attitude turns people into optimists, and optimists make the world a better place. There are people that live and people who play the game of life. These are the kind of people we want to play with, and want to help shape and educate.

We shouldn’t say this but you don’t need toys to play. All you need a desire to play. It is not a question of age, sex or profession. It is a question of wanting to have fun and doing everything in your power to do so.

There’s a reason the majority of games say recommended for ages 0 – 99. You don’t need to be a child to play, just never stop being one.

At the end of the day we are talking about making a better world. We are governed and commanded by, and observe people who are unable to play. They are boring, unimaginative, disinterested. These people only laugh at others; they never sit on the floor or graze their knees, or turn off their phones when they play. They think they play but in reality prevent the rest of us playing.

So here we are. Let’s give games the attention they deserve. This is serious!

Valores Cayro

En el juego de trabajar hay unos principios que son fundamentales. Y, como buenos jugadores, no hacemos trampa y los cumplimos todos:

  1. Honestidad con proveedores y clientes:
    Lo que no quieres para ti, no lo hagas a los demás.
  2. Trabajo en equipo y ambiente familiar:
    La unión hace la fuerza, y la carga compartida pesa menos. Además, cuando jugamos en familia nos lo pasamos mejor.
  3. Compromiso e implicación:
    No hay buen viento para el que no sabe dónde va. Todos debemos avanzar en la misma dirección si queremos ganar la partida.
  4. Eficiencia en la gestión:
    Calidad por principio: si jugamos, lo hacemos bien.
  5. Acción social:
    Yo juego, tú juegas, él juega, todos jugamos. Compartir es ganar.
Cayro por el mundo
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Yo juego, you play, ils jouent...

Play is a universal language. Put 6 children of differing ages who don’t know each other, or even speak the same language, in a room together and see how long it takes for them to start playing.

Well that must be one of the reasons why this story which began in Dénia (and is still evolving today), has turned over page after page and is now played all over the world.

You can find us in over 1200 shops throughout Spain. These shops have been specially selected as they share our passion and dedication to games. Being somewhere just to be there has never interested us. Having people you can trust and who believe in your project and product is priceless.

And, because a job well done has no boundaries we are now making toys for over 30 countries. We can say we export good times worldwide, and what with times being what they are, it’s not a bad thing to export, don’t you think?

Cayro on tour
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Do you remember when we were kids our favourite days were the days we went on a trip? Well we continue to have lots of those days every year. Cayro attends the main toys and entertainments exhibitions throughout the world. This is why we have created “Cayro on tour”, an initiative which takes us to regions in Spain so that other professionals within the sector can meet us and discover how we think and act.

If you have a shop and would like to see us in action let us know and we will give you a call when we are in your area. That way you can play at home!

Erre Ese Ce
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Let’s see, our job is to think up, create and sell toys. We encourage people to take time out of their everyday lives to play, with their children or friends. We work to make sure you find a game among our products with which to have as much fun with as when you were a child and to share now with your children, teaching them to play and not the other way round.

Is that not enough social responsibility?

Well besides all that we also have a social vision. We gain a profit from society therefore we believe we must give something back. We do a lot of things at the end of the year and we are the kind of people who always say yes.

We could explain all that we do here, however, we think that if your Corporate Social Responsibility programme can fit onto one tab of your website then it can’t be very social.

We recommend that you follow us to see all that we do. You’ll like it, you’ll see.

Game Awards

  • 91 VALENCIA INNOVACIÓN. Empresa nominada en Diseño Industrial
  • PREMIO JOSÉ MARSAL CABALLERO. XXIV Gala Cadena Ser 50 años de empresa
  • PARCHÍS. Mención de honor.Más de 8 años
  • EL CHUPETE. Packaging, 2008
  • PREMIO NOVA 2005. Empresa sector juguete Generalitat Valenciana
  • PREMIO ESTRATEGIAS 2011 REVISTA. Mejor acción de Marketing Directo envío de juguetes a políticos.
  • PREMIO AL MEJOR JUGUETE DEL VERANO 2012, Categoría Juegos de Mesa, para el Parchís Gigante. Organizado por el Festival del Juguete.
  • PREMIO ALCE 2014 en la categoría de Redes Sociales para la campaña “Little Finger App”.
  • PREMIO AL MEJOR JUGUETE NACIONAL 2015 para Quizzers, en la categoría de Mejor Juguete Interactivo.
  • SHORT LIST FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE PUBLICIDAD INFANTIL “EL CHUPETE” 2015, en la categoría de Mejor Campaña en Redes Sociales.
  • FINALISTA MEJOR JUGUETE NACIONAL 2017 para Ring Win. Categoría Juegos.

We are lucky. Very lucky. We have a job (which is lucky in itself) that is extremely fun and we entertain our customers.

And if that wasn’t enough, every so often, we get an award.

Really, we are very lucky. We like to think that we are given recognition because we have managed to maintain the same passion, care, affection and playfulness in our products as Juan and Roberto did when they decided to write the first pages of the story you have read.

For over 60 years we have woken up every morning looking forward to work/play. Trying to convince as many people as possible that to live life like a game is to live a better life, and the more of us there are the more we will laugh.

What are we playing at?

Do you play?